Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Issues of Life : Just a Simple Housewife

"Just a Simple Housewife"

I've heard this line somewhere--"You are a 'just' person coz you say, 'I'm just like this' or 'I'm just like that'". And I've heard some Christian women say, "I'm just a simple housewife; nothing significant in God's kingdom".

I believe that it's no accident that we were born to our parents female instead of male. And it's no accident that we found and received Jesus into our life. From the time we were born (even before that) up to our time today, our days have been fashioned for us. As I have already stressed in our Welcome note, each of us play a different role in every stage of life. Housewife? Yes, for most of us we become this--some stay at home and some joggle between job and home. Being a housewife is a calling and carries great responsibility.

I watch Joni Rewind in Daystar TV where she was interviewing John Bevere. He was talking about the judgment of the righteous in 2 Cor 5:9-10. He said, and I paraphrase it, "A simple housewife can have greater rewards in eternity simply because she submits herself to the 'power' of God that changes her from glory to glory through which God can use her mightily". In any call, how we use the Word of God and our faith in Jesus to change our life and influence those who were given to us, matter in eternity.

And so I ask, "Who is able to listen to, support and encourage her husband and satisfy his physical and emotional needs? Who can deal with her husband's moods and raise kids at the same time? Who is able to stretch the budget so her family can be provided for until the next pay day and still have some saved for a rainy day? Who is able to train her children in the way of God and give love, security, and trust to them?" Who else but the housewife. And with all these, who is able to sustain and maintain her relationship with Jesus, pray for her family, share the Word of God to her friends and neighbors and perhaps, serve through a ministry in her church?

In an interview with Bunny Wilson, a well-known Christian author and speaker in the U.S., by Nancy De Mose of Revive Our Hearts Radio, this question was posed to her: "What do you enjoy most about being a woman?"

Bunny replied, "I enjoy the make-up of being a woman. Who else could carry a baby for 9 months, give birth with great pain and 2 years later, be ready to do it all over again. I enjoy the depth of being a woman."

A simple housewife--great in God's kingdom!


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