Thursday, January 7, 2010


    Welcome to "The Living Grace", Philippine Weekly Online Lifestyle Magazine for Christian Women. This blog-magazine aims to provide Christian women, and perhaps, non-Christian women as well, with practical everyday topics that will help them live their everyday life here on earth and fulfill their God-given purpose. In the format of a magazine which is mainly objective, this blog will also contain opinions of its writers together with some testimonies to help its content to attain its purpose.

     I am the owner of this blog-magazine with my daughter, Alexis Araneta as contributor. I hereby disclose that on this blog, I will, sometimes, be reviewing products, services, websites, and other topics which I may or may not be compensated for. Such reviews will contain my own personal opinions and findings of the products, services, websites, or topics, and will not, in any way, be influenced by any compensation package attached to it. 

     Feel free to write your comments about this blog's contents or e mail me at

     God Bless.



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