Thursday, January 28, 2010

Everything Under the Sun: "Every Prayer" by Israel Houghton

"Every Prayer" by Israel Houghton and Mary Mary

     We're all too familiar with the worship songs 'Moving Forward', 'Everywhere that I Go', and 'Saved by Grace'. Perhaps you've been singing these songs in your worship services. These songs came from the album 'The Power of One' by Israel Houghton.

     Last December, 2009, the album was voted One of 10 Best Albums of the Year by According to their website, "Israel Houghton's 'The Power of One' album bursts at the seams with visions of victory in Jesus, awe in worship, and a reverent respect for a holy King".

     Reviewed by Bert Saraco in March, 2009, he said, "Don't expect an album of energetic, somewhat generic praise and worship music. With 'The Power of One', Houghton joins the like of Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribbett, and Marvin Winans--artists who have deftly stepped outside the box of contemporary Gospel music to create a genre-defying solo project that inspires the soul, engages the body and treats the ear to many a musical surprises".

     What wonderful words coming from everywhere with regards to this album. Indeed, Israel Houghton has stepped out of the box; when you listen to the album, you wouldn't think it's Gospel music. I love track 10 with the song entitled 'Every Prayer'. It is best for listening to with the ears and worshiping with the heart, giving assurance that God answers every prayer. Israel duets with a duet--Mary Mary, two divas in Christian musicdom delivering a powerful message through their music and lyrics that God is near when we pray. 'Every Prayer' touches the soul and keeps the heart connected to the Creator. Listen, be touched, and be reassured....


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