Thursday, January 14, 2010

Food and Health: Foods that Burn Fat?

Foods that Burn Fat?

     Wouldn't it be nice to eat and burn fat all at the same time? But, according to Love-to-Know website, it doesn't exactly mean that certain foods will burn up your fat and calories. These foods assist, take note, in burning fat by either giving a boost to the metabolism or by breaking fatty components. When taken in daily doses and, take note again, paired with a doctor-approved fitness program, it will appear that these foods do. So, we still have to exercise and eat right.

     So, according to Love-to-Know and FatFreeKitchen websites, here are the foods that help burn fat:

1) Fruits and Vegetables--Your mother was right; eat your fruits and vegetables. These are foods that metabolize quicker especially when combined with exercise. They contain Vitamin C and fiber which make you feel less hungry. Examples, cabbage, celery, carrots, oranges, watermelon, asparagus, broccoli, oatmeal. 

2) Green Tea -- this originated from Japan and is known to increase metabolism. This one I gathered from various sources: basically, many Asians drink tea while they eat and after they eat meals, especially in colder countries like China, Japan and Korea. They reason out that heat that comes from the drink causes gastric juices to work rather than be stagnant when we ingest cold drinks. Probably this is the reason why many ladies that come from these countries remain slim.

3) Dairy Foods -- Calcium-rich dairy like milk, cheese and yogurt, can boost weight loss by increasing the breakdown of fat cells according to research. Low-fat or skim are usually highly recommended.

4) High-protein -- According to, lentils have high-protein and soluble fibers, two nutrients that stabilize blood sugar levels and according to Tanya Zuckubrot, they are great 'tummy flatteners'. In the Philippines, we have also the mung beans (monggo) and soy beans that come in the form of tofu and tokwa, etc. But watch out for those who have problems with uric acid and gout.

5) Water -- an important staple; it makes you full and keeps you hydrated---highly available and highly recommended.

6) Hot and spicy foods (or Thermogenic foods) -- Jalapeños not only give a kick in your food, but also give your metabolism a kick too when they raise your heart rate. Well, we have many varieties of hot chilis which we put in our food. 

     Well, perhaps there are other foods out there which we can include in this category, but one thing is for sure-- we still need to exercise and control the portions of food that we eat. 


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