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Issues of Life: Testimony of a Former Lesbian

Testimony of a Former Lesbian 

This is testimony (taken from Link-Zone's Sexual and Relational Wholeness) is from a former lesbian who now serves the Lord through the magazine she originally envisioned for black gays and lesbians who published the following through the same magazine. I pray that this testimony may be used by any reader out there to change their own life and the life of those they know are in the very same situation.

Redeemed:10 Ways to Get Out of the Gay Life, If You Want 
                                                                                          by Charlene E. Cothran
                                                                                          Venus Magazine Publisher

 As the publisher of a 13 year old periodical which targets black gays and lesbians, I have had the opportunity to publicly address thousands, influencing closeted people to "come out" and stand up for themselves.

     But now, I must come out of the closet again. I have recently experienced the power of change that came over me once I completely surrendered to the teachings of Jesus Christ. As a believer of the Word of God, I fully accept and have always known that same-sex relationships are NOT what God intended for us.

     Although I have lived a lesbian for my entire adult life, it is without a doubt my soul's purpose to use my gifts to lovingly share the truth about how we got here, how we came to be gay or lesbians, how we came to enjoy our lifestyle and how we came to believe it was okay with God (Romans 1:21-28). It is true, homosexuality is a sin, no greater than any other sin, but it is a sin.

     One Tuesday morning in New Jersey, I received a call from Rev. Vanessa M. Livingston, a local pastor, regarding a statement in her article about gospel group in another paper of my publication, Kitchen Table News. Somehow, we got into the subject of salvation and I thought if I mentioned the 'L' (lesbian) word she would hung up but no--she prophesied, "One day you will come out of the world and bring many gay and lesbian souls with you". She asked if today was the day and I said, "No". But I felt the power of conviction in me and I resisted and hardened my heart as I blurted out I was a "proud card-carrying lesbian". The pastor reminded that God's mercy allowed me to survive certain experiences as He developed my gifts which are all part of a plan for me to lead others to Him. 

     She could not have had a clue about my encounters with the mercies of God. Mercy had indeed covered me during those dark 1993 days when my good friend Venus Landin, for whom this magazine is named, was shot and killed. I recalled how I went with her to her ex-lover's home to recover her things, how the woman had built a fire using Venus' precious journals as fuel, how she burned her clothes. I remembered the look on the woman's face and her eyes; I know in my heart she had intended to murder Venus that night but she didn't expect me to arrive with her. Given the state of her mind, there was no reason for the woman not to have killed us both, then turn the gun on herself as she did Venus a week later. I received the call, and I knew instantly that mercy covered me, but why?

     The the Spirit of God spoke directly into my soul, "You will choose this day who you will serve and if you make the wrong choice, I will allow you to drift so far away from Me you will never hear My voice again". I gave God my heart and soul that day in the parking lot of the mall in my car. I have given every gift back to God including Venus magazine. The target audience will remain the same but the mission has been renewed--to encourage, educate, assist those in the life who want to change but can't find a way out. 

1) Establish and accept for yourself that God's word is true AS-IS. Do not allow gay theology to divorce the Old Testament from the New Testament or the written words of the apostles from the spoken words of Jesus Christ.

2) Seek the truth within the Scriptures about homosexuality and it will be revealed to you as you read and pray. Know that we were not born this way; this is a myth fashioned by the gay establishments.

3) Do not resist God's will in your life. Get alone with God and let Him minister directly to you. That conviction you feel is a gift to keep you near the Cross. (Romans 2:28)

4) Know with certainty that you are loved by God exactly where you are and that your experiences are of great value for kingdom work.

5) Say Yes. That's really all it takes to accept the truth which is accepting Jesus Christ.

6) Make your salvation real. Keeping the good news of your personal salvation is another trick the enemy uses to buy time as he tries to pull you back to the old life.

7) Experience paradise NOW. Consult God first, then go ahead and live your life. Welcome new friendships, start new ventures, expand your experiences, obtain nice things. Enjoy life to a new degree without the burden of sin and with confidence of all God's promises.

8) Walk carefully or 'circumspectly' as the Scripture describes. Keep your spirit clean and fresh through prayer and Word of God.

9) Have fellowship with believers. We know that the church has largely failed gays and lesbians by not being a welcoming place for those who have sought spiritual change. Ask the Lord to lead you to loving, caring, bible-believing fellowship where you can be nurtured, be blessed and be a blessing.

10) Stay in touch.



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