Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Everything Under the Sun: Nostalgic Good Ol' Vinyl

Nostalgic Good Ol' Vinyl


     Let me take you to a nostalgic trip to my childhood days. I remember my Mamang (that's what we call my mother) loved music. She owned a big furniture that held her turntable, radio and speakers on the side, and lots and lots of vinyl records. I remember in the mornings, while she dusted and swept our living room, she used to play these records and danced to the music--from the fast boogie, twist, and then to melancholy music like Tennessee Waltz. She would take my hands and she would put my left foot on her  left foot  and my right foot on her right, then we would glide together to the music. Weeee! It was really fun for me as a child. All day long, music would be heard throughout the house that my ears have become too familiar with until now. 

     These days, my husband collects those old vinyl records. He has a music room with his very expensive turntable, pre-amps, and speakers. He'd spend after-dinner moments in that room listening to the music of Harry Belafonte, Johnny Matthis, Diane Schuur, Nat King Cole, Linda Ronstadt, and lots of other artists that I seem to have not really heard of. Remember 'A Certain Smile', 'When Sunny Gets Blue', 'Misty', Chances Are' 'Louisiana Sunday Afternoon', 'Unforgettable'? Unforgettable, really. He also has classical music--Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. He usually gets his records from audiophile stores and other audiophiles who loves to listen to these kinds of music. One of those is his uncle, now I think he's 83, who has a room behind his garage filled with old vinyl records which he sells because he wants to still utilize his marketing skills and he's got nothing else better to do. How amazing those records still survive and still play good music. 

     Many have been talking about the 'death' of vinyl for over 20 years now. But do you know that kids, college students and young adults are flipping the racks in Atlanta, Georgia, carrying home 3 to 4 albums, according to collectingvinylrecords.com. They added that there is a 36% jump in vinyl shipments from 2006 to 2007. "What's going on?", so they say.

     This 'rebirth of the record' has caused many collectors to rave about the ol' vinyl and the recorded most valuable ones, according to the above website, are:

     1) John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 'Double Fantasy' --autographed by Lennon 5 hours before he was assassinated. Value is estimated to be US. $525,000.00

     2) The Quarrymen's 'That'll be the Day' / 'In Spite of All the Danger' --only one copy valued at US $180,000.00

   3) The Beatles' 'Yesterday and Today' --valued at US $38,500.00

    The good ol' vinyl still rocks! But, not rock music. Because its music brings you to the point of remembrance of an era that you have been and cannot go back to. Yet, through it's music, you live again the experience and moments of laughter, sadness, and romance that it brings.


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