Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Housekeeping: Framed Photographs and Memories

Framed Photographs and Memories

     With the invention of digital cameras and cellphone cameras which you don't have to develop and you can take anywhere, anytime, and post in the internet for social webbing, many people have come to love the art of photography.

     But to the housekeeper, like us, the good old developed pictures, the ones that you cannot easily delete, are of utmost value. Why? Because these are the ones we frame and hang in our wall or place in a corner table, the ones we put in scrap books or photo albums that we flip into when we're not doing anything, the ones that we show off to our guests and to relatives who visit, these are the ones that provide the memories of experiences and places we've been to, and most of all, these are the ones that provide a lasting remembrance of the ones we love and the ones we once loved.

     There are two purposes of framing photographs and art. One, they become part of our interior decoration because a picture easily grabs one's attention and beautifies the room. Large pictures can be hung and make a focal wall. Smaller pictures can be grouped together and also hung on a wall. Many have indulged in the use of black and white photos as a classic approach to hanging pictures. Vintage black and white photography, according to Lauren Wise of, has been regarded as one of the most beautiful forms of photography and art since black and white was the first type of photo ever and has influenced hundreds of technologies, ideas and forms of entertainment. As we have been digitalized, black and white pictures can still be  taken and developed by using  functions in cameras and several techniques, and of course, by photoshop editing. 

These Photos courtesy of Photobucket


     Hanging pictures also requires technique. According to, we must hang a picture slightly above our eye level, seated or standing up. Therefore, if you are in the bedroom or in the living room, the eye level to consider is when you are sitting on the bed or on the sofa. In the hallway, the foyer, the patio, the stairs, where you do not sit, consider your eye level standing up. 

     The other purpose of framed photograph is for the memories. We, women, love to look at pictures of our children growing up, of our childhood with family and friends, of those whom we cherish, of our special events like graduation, debut, wedding, or first date or prom night. These photos provide instant remembrance of where we've been and help us to look forward to more photos we can frame in the future. 


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