Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Everything Under the Sun: Another HongKong Trip

Another HongKong Trip

     My husband and I went on another HongKong trip, this time, not on a holiday but on business. We left Wednesday and came back to Manila last Friday. The moment we checked-in our hotel until the time we left for the airport going back to Manila, our schedule was so hectic, filled with so much walking and talking and looking for dealers, we went straight to have a massage after we've unpacked our bags when we arrived home. Since we never got any leisure time in our hands, I was just thankful I was still able to take some photos while we walked and while in the bus coming from the airport. So here are my photos (please bear with them because I'm just starting to learn):

A small island in the middle of the ocean going to the city.

The shuttle had to pass by Disney Island to pick up tourists from Disney's Hollywood Hotel.

One of many huge bridges linking HongKong's big islands going to Kowloon side.

The mark of progress: port infrastructures. HongKong is a free-port.

The very busy Nathan Road where many of the hotels are. Do you see those Indians standing there at the back? They offer fake Rolex and bags or tailor services.

 This is the uppity Canton Road where all the signature shops are. Behind it is the harbor and port to the Star Ferry which takes you to HongKong side or island. Notice the women wearing boots and dark clothes: it was 25 degrees Celsius there, warm already. I think they still wish it was winter.

Again, Chanel, Hermes and Ferragamo in Canton Road.

Inside those malls in Canton Road, more signature shops.

 This is the Heritage where they still have remnants of Valentines.

Inside the malls in Canton Road at the back side, there are view rooms with large glass windows to take pictures of the other side--HongKong side, together with the fog, or smog?

Well, that's all folks!. I wish I could have gotten more. Next time.


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