Monday, March 8, 2010

Everything Under the Sun: Deeper

Everything Under the Sun: Deeper

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     The grace of God never ceases to amaze me. Last Sunday, backstage, in preparation for the 8 a.m. worship service in our church, being part of the worship team, I was asked to lead  the team in prayer. I felt suddenly caught unaware but I got the courage to start praying. I know I prayed an okay prayer but I felt it was shallow, that as I was trying to bring forth what's in my heart to speak out in prayer, I couldn't get anything--like my heart was almost empty. I know I haven't been spending time reading the Word and my daily prayer time slashed because I was busy with many things. However, that very same service, my pastor talked about the Holy Spirit--that He is the power that works in us to witness, to share Jesus to others, to do the will and the purposes of God in our life. And much to my great amazement, my pastor prayed for us to be filled once more with His power. 

     Oh, my Lord, You are truly amazing! You know what we need; how to open our hearts to You and surrender. I truly need more of You.

  We sang this song by Planetshakers "Deeper". Although the chorus asks to take me deeper, but what I expressed more in my worship is the bridge which asks, "More of You, more of You, Jesus!" And so, if you want more of Him, you can also express yourself through this song. Allow it to bring the Lord more and more to you and fill your hearts with His Spirit and power. His grace is truly sufficient!


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