Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Housekeeping: Antique-Style Furniture

Antique-Style Furniture

     I love the mixture of old and new, even in furniture. Although true antiques are rare and expensive, there are many places here in Manila where we can buy them, instead of going all the way to Vigan which is known for their collection of antiques. Of course, they are 'used' because they are antiques. But for those who have limited budgets, you can find new antique-style furniture (antique-copy or reproductions) also in many places in Manila. I found one here in Alabang in Festival Supermall called Antiques Fair. There are many pieces of furniture that are patterned after the styles of true antiques in Vigan, with the distinct Spanish influence. Although some of the items there also bear ethnic influences combined with modern touches. They use good wood--molave, narra, etc.--with carvings that are true imitations of the original. What I love about it is that you have a great selection of anything from lamps to simple side table to console tables and dining tables with chairs.

The Rocking Chair

Bar and stools and lots of other things

They call this the Vigan Swing

This lamp on the dining table is uniquely Japanese-inspired.


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