Thursday, March 25, 2010

Issues of Life: The Trauma of Abortion

The Trauma of Abortion

     Pro-life and Anti-abortion versus Legalize Abortion and Pro-Abortion: these are the two sides to this issue. But to us, Christian women, this is no longer an issue because we know for a fact that abortion is killing an innocent, unborn child (a person) and it is not the will of God. But what about those women who committed abortion in the past and now have received the Lord and now walking with Him? What about those who are Christians and yet committed it but are now repentant? Do we condemn them?

    I've heard and came across many testimonies of women who had abortion, both in the internet and from their own mouths. They said that they wanted to share the trauma they've experienced and are still experiencing after the abortion. Some of them wanted to be set free from this trauma which they carry into the depths of their soul, always haunting them in the inside, not wanting to remain silent as if their babies were calling them and crying out from the deep. I have heard of very young women--teens--who had abortion and seemed as innocent as their babies, yet having a conscience, knowing what they did was wrong. They said they didn't have a choice; ahh, but they did. But again, perhaps at that time, they didn't know any better because of their youth, because of poverty, because of shame. But their trauma have spoken what was really in the inside of them.
     What is this trauma? What is post-abortion trauma?  I believe it is another term they use for guilt. Indeed, guilt is what causes these trauma; the guilt from murdering your own child, a life which God created from your own flesh. However, as God forgives, so must we also forgive ourselves. "There is no more shame nor condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus", the Bible says. As God has forgiven you, rest assured that your unborn child has forgiven you and is with the Lord. He calls to you from God's bosom and tells you that everything is okay and should let go of your guilt. Forgiveness is the start of the healing process and without it, you can never be free.


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