Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Housekeeping: Wine Glasses, What's the Difference?

Wine Glasses, What's the Difference?

     Why should we buy and keep different wine glasses? Why should we serve wine in different wine glasses? What's the big deal? Frankly, there shouldn't be any difference as long as you're able to drink the wine. He, he. However, there are valid reasons why wine connoisseurs prefer to drink wine in the appropriate wine glass, not just because it looks classy. 
     Wine glasses are called stemware and there are four basic shapes:
1) Red Wine glass -- has larger and rounder shapes than white wine glass and has a wider opening designed to allow the wine drinker to sniff the wine's aroma. There are two kinds:
    a) Bordeaux glass -- the taller glass with broad and smaller bowl designed for Cabernets and Merlots.
    b) Burgundy glass -- the shorter red wine glass with a larger bowl designed for lighter, full-bodied red wines.

2) White Wine glass -- are generally smaller than red wine glasses designed to maximize and maintain the coolness of white wines. There are also the wide-rimmed white wine glasses which wine connoisseurs use for younger white wines and a taller white wine glass which they use for bolder ones.

3) Champagne glasses -- are usually called tulip (slender and tall) glasses designed for both sparkling wine and champagne to maintain the beverage's bubbles or the carbonation which flow upwards through the glass.
4) Dessert Wine glass -- white wine glass that has smaller and shorter bowl designed for sweeter wines, thus smaller servings. 

     Wine glasses are made of different types of glass but the high quality material is that of crystal. However, it is always wise as a housekeeper to maintain cheap wine glasses at home whenever you are entertaining because there are many cheap wine glasses out there which look great for parties and for dinner with friends. If one breaks, you can always get another one. Plus, it doesn't really matter if the glass is cheap for as long as the wine is expensive or tastes good.
    According to Wikipedia, the traditional "proper" way of holding the glass by the stem has the common misconception as to its purpose. The misconception is that the temperature of the wine will be affected by our body temperature when we hold the glass by its bowl. But actually, it is the surrounding air temperature that affects the wine temperature and not our body heat. This misconception is believed to have been presumed by those who have watched wine connoisseurs hold the glass by the stem while examining the wine's color and clarity.




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