Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good Housekeeping: Women's Hobbies Turn into Profit

Women's Hobbies Turn into Profit

     With all the many responsibilities placed on a woman's shoulder, she needs time for herself, time dedicated only to herself. Well, that's the reason why women have hobbies which allows her to refresh and relax her mind and body. Although having a hobby doesn't mean you just lie down and do nothing; hobbies are expressions of a person's creativity--outlets for her emotions and passions which allow her to flourish and improve her well-being. Hobbies allow her to deviate from her daily routine for her family and work by doing something that she, herself, loves.

     There have been many hobbies developed throughout the years as women's taste vary and have evolved into much higher and newer things. Although needle work, crocheting, knitting, quilting, embroidery, etc. are still the usual hobbies, we find many women go into soap and candle making, jewelry making, photography, writing, art, even into wood carving. What's more, there are women today who fly airplanes, hang glide, mountain and wall climb, race cars, and all other stuff that many used to believe only men can do.
     What is even more intriguing is the fact that, nowadays, these hobbies are being turned into profit. A framed cross-stitched work really gives satisfaction to a woman who labored days, perhaps months, to finish this work but it gives her even a greater sense of fulfillment if someone buys her work. People have told stories of women who go to Divisoria to buy tools and materials in order to create her own fancy jewelry or to give some away as a gift and now have their own stores of fancy jewelries and are able to export them or sell them online. Many have learned the art of making aromatic soaps and candles and are now also selling them in gift stores. Even women's hobby of writing and just expressing themselves online as a blogger, like us, have given us opportunities to earn.
     But what profits a woman more than money is the satisfaction that she gets when she is able to knit a pair of booties for her baby, or when she is able to sew matching curtains and throw pillow cases for her own home, or when she is able to bake a delicious chocolate cake for her child's birthday. And to some, the profit of turning a hobby into a business gives great sense of fulfillment and success. What profits a woman most from her hobbies is the fact that she can turn something that she loves to do into something that is beneficial to her family, to her home, and to herself.  




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