Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Costume Fashion Jewelry: Adds Style and Income to Women

EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN: Costume Fashion Jewelry--Adds Style and Income to Women

     As promised, this topic is a follow-through to our previous topic regarding jewelry as investment. This time, we are discussing about costume fashion jewelries which many women love to wear to add style to their get-ups and as a means to additional income, also to many housewives and women. 

     In the Philippines and, I guess, in other third world countries, women cannot just wear their gold and silver jewelries, with or without precious or semi-precious stones, in the streets for fear of mugging. So the wise thing to wear is costume fashion jewelry made of various non-precious materials--shells, wood, coco, raffia, stone, bone, resin, etc. and non-precious metals. No matter how chunky or huge your costume jewelry is, you can flaunt it where ever you are without the fear of snatching and mugging. Because they are cheap, many women buy different colors and styles matching their clothes and moods. There are also some costume jewelries made of swarovski crystals which adds glitters as "bling-blings" to your evening attire. 

     There are many women all over the world who have made costume jewelry making as an added income. It usually starts as a hobby which they perfect by attending workshops. In the Philippines, costume jewelry making is a cottage industry--a small scale business which is usually done at home or in a common place in the community by neighborhood housewives in their spare time. Today, the Philippines is the largest exporter of fashion accessories and costume body jewelry in Asia. In the world, I see lots of women selling their great designs through the internet and they are selling like hot potato. I believe, that this industry will never cease and many more women will continue to benefit from it.
    For a comprehensive workshop on costume jewelry making in the Philippines, I found this website: http://ph.88db.com/Lessons-Instructions/Arts-Crafts/ad-153082/


Dhemz said...

awesome topic te....korek, kahit san naman sa pinas...dami mga snatchers...ehehhee! I love beads...and I know how to make it...I like it as a hobby...pero minsan mas mahal bilhin yung materials kaysa ready made na...eheheh!

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