Friday, June 25, 2010

Trusting and Loving Again After Being Jilted

ISSUES OF LIFE: Trusting and Loving Again After Being Jilted

     Trust is an important issue of life, for without it, no one is able to build and sustain a relationship. Life is about relationships; even God, our Father, longs for a relationship with His creation. And so they say, "No man is an island" because everywhere you go, you build relationships, with someone--with your relatives, with neighbor, with friend, with a co-worker, with your teacher, even with the maid in your home which we have recently discussed. 
    But one relationship that is deeper and more intimate is that of a husband and a wife or a long-time boyfriend-and-girlfriend relationship. I have a friend who was engaged to be married but her boyfriend got somebody pregnant a few months before their wedding. Describing her pain, she said that it was like a truck had hit her and she felt that God had truly forsaken her. She felt "hopelessly" lonely and cried and cried all day long until she had no more tears to secrete. As I analyzed it, her depression sprung from self-pity because the man she trusted dearly had betrayed her so fiercely that I could almost feel her pain at that time. Good thing this was eight years ago when she did not know Jesus in her life. She came to our Bible study group and held on to the One Lord who really did not forsake her but became her Comforter and Friend who saw her through that episode in her life. Years passed that she was still alone without a companion because she could not muster the thought to love again, to trust again, another man. Perhaps she was comfortable enough to be surrounded by her friends, even us in her Bible study group to support her and pray with her. But three years ago, God opened her eyes to the plans He had for her life. She met her loving and loyal husband, got married, and now she is pregnant with their first child at her glorious age which, only God could have made possible. God is so good!
    I have known stories of wives being jilted or cheated by their husbands, they cry for a while, but are able to get back into trusting their husbands again. For if you truly love your husband, you would forgive him and try to get back that trust in him to continue the relationship that had been disrupted by evil forces. But you cannot do this on your own; you need the help of the Almighty Who is above all, the author of love and trust because it is His nature. He is the only one whose unconditional love for all of us is perfect and everlasting, the only One we can truly and fully trust.


Dhemz said...

ouchhhhh....that was so painful for your friend....tsk..tsk..tsk...:(

Glad to know she have moved on...TRUST is always important in any kind of relationship...thanks for this uplifting post te....:)

btw, if you have time...maybe you can join my first giveaway contest...ehehehe!

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