Monday, July 19, 2010

One Sunday with Ricardo Sanchez

EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN: One Sunday with Ricardo Sanchez

 Ricardo Sanchez signing cd's and posing with one of the sisters in our church. Photo courtesy of my friend, Dave Perico

     July 11, 2010 was an especially hectic but blessed Sunday because our church, Alabang New Life Christian Center, was privileged to have Ricardo Sanchez as our worship leader for the day. Our services became primarily a praise and worship service with a few messages here and there coming from the pastors. I sang with the choir in the morning, two services, and was really exhausted but very much blessed by the great presence of God that filled the place as we sang. 
     So who is Ricardo Sanchez? He is a worship leader and Christian recording artist of the songs which have become so familiar to us--"The Power of the Cross", "I Call Your Name", "Moving Forward", "Broken the Chains", and lots more. He hails from Atlanta, Georgia and recently joined Pastor Jentezen Franklin's church, Free Chapel Worship Center, in Gainsville, Georgia. He partnered with an array of famous worship recording artists like Israel and New Breed, Darlene Zschech, Mac Powell, and others. The youngest son among 6 kids, Ricardo's love for music has been evident since he was 5 years old when he sang in his family's band at that age. But his love for God also became evident since his grade school days as he, being raised a Catholic, walked from his house to their church to hear mass everyday. 
    "I just felt the presence of God in my life but I didn't know what it was", he said. 
     In his junior year in high-school, he was invited and attended a Young Life weekend retreat where he learned more about what the Gospel says, about sin and how Christ died to pay for our sin and this changed his life completely, surrendering his life to Jesus completely. He began to see clearly the connection between his love for music and his love for God. These are what he had to say:
    "Often people get wrapped up in the idea of religion but lack a real saving knowledge of who Jesus is truly--just as I had been. I hope to carry the message of truth that Christ is more than mere religion and encourage people towards a deep personal relationship with Him."
     Here are some videos of our services:

This is in the morning service when I sang with the choir. Sorry, the shoot was too far.


Vernz said...

that's so lucky you naman Carmen ... kasali ka pala sa Choir?

Dhemz said...

he looks and sounds very not exactly sure....:) what a privilege to have him at your church te...thanks for sharing the videos...I thought ikaw yung nasa pic...ehehhe!

sensya na po pala ang ngayon lang me nakadalaw ulit...super busy kasi ang life ko these days....hay buhay...I hate moving!

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