Thursday, August 12, 2010

Curtains, Drapes, Blinds--Serve Their Purpose for Your Home

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: Curtains, Drapes, Blinds--Serve Their Purpose for Your Home

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     Windows and glass doors are part of our home and are placed there for us to gain access to the outside and let the air and sunshine in. In order to control the air and the light that comes into our home, we place curtains, drapes, and/or blinds over these windows and glass doors depending on our home's style and needs.

     With the varied, wonderful materials available to us today, curtains, drapes, and blinds are used for many purposes. Firstly, they provide privacy for our home covering  us from the outside world, yet when using light, opaque fabric, you can still let the light into your home, but not too much. So, secondly, they control the light that comes into our home. Thirdly, they are decorative pieces which add ambiance to your room. Depending on the style statement that the homeowner wants to impart, curtains and drapes are added attractions that complement his furniture set up or to dress up a grand window. Curtains and drapes also set the mood of your room through choices of color--to give warmth to the room, choose dark colors like burgundy, dark green, etc.; to lighten up the room and make it cool, choose light or neutral colors like beige, white, etc. Fabric patterns can also add style to the room; a striped fabric can give an impression of a taller ceiling and blinds could give an impression of coziness and modernity. Another purpose of curtains and drapes are for acoustic purposes. Ideally, a home theater or music room should not have windows, but there are homeowners who prefer to maintain their windows in these rooms. But the glass in window panes causes sound to bounce off. The solution? Use acoustic curtains so that the sound is contained inside the room. 
     There are many types of curtains and drapes--some standard, some pleated, some with valance and some just hung in great curtain rods. Blinds are being used more in modern homes but there are some colonial-style, Spanish and Mediterranean-style houses which use blinds in them in combination with drapes or curtains. 
     Well, whatever your style of home is, curtains, drapes and blinds will serve their purpose for your home.


Dhemz said...

this post reminds mo to set up my curtain rods....bold kasi tong bintana namin ngayon te eh...ehehehhe...d pa kasi ako tapos mag!

niko said...

i like the first picture the most!! thats one thing i want for my dream home!

thanks for dropping by my blog!

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