Monday, August 23, 2010

A New Art Form and Entertainment -- Sand Animation

EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN: A New Art Form and Entertainment --Sand Animation

     Many of us find pleasure in various art forms like painting, sculpture, comedy, film, and many others, but art has evolved in time and artists have discovered many other materials to use in order to express their art, like using coffee and sand and various other materials.
   My brother posted this video in his facebook wall and I looked for the original video  of it in you tube. It is a great and entertaining video that touches the heart, a new and interesting art form that we all may discover to appreciate and perhaps, develop into our own way of expression of art. 
     The video is titled "Kseniya Simonova--Sand Animation (Ukraine's Got Talent)".  The artist is a young, 24 year-old lass whose hands work wonders in that lighted platform with what seems to be brown sand. It is an art form with a story to tell, presented uniquely by the artist's use of sand to express each scene, each story to her audience. In this presentation, which she used as an entry to "Ukraine's Got Talent 2009" where she won, she started off by depicting life in peaceful Eastern Europe, perhaps her own country, and then went on to express the effects of war --World War II--and its devastation, how people got separated from their loved ones, the pain, the struggles, the loneliness, the grief. But then in the end, when soldiers returned and families were reunited with each other, there is hope again for a better life, for peace, and life returns to normal.
     As you watch the video, you would note the emotions of the audience in that venue and how it touched their hearts. See for yourself if it would touch also your own heart. 


Unnamed Psalmist said...

Yes Carmen it really touches my heart :)

my son is also a sand artist check his artworks here

Dhemz said...

oh my golly she is phenomenal....I wish I had a talent like! it's a heart moving video teCarmen..thanks for sharing...kakaiyak naman ito!

gemini said...

I love sand art...i have seen her performed on TV...she was amazing.

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