Thursday, August 5, 2010

Recycling Left-Over Food


     With all the hunger in the world, it's almost a crime to throw away left-over food. That is why when we eat in restaurants, left-over food goes into "doggie" bags which, in the Philippines, are mostly intended for the pet dog at home. Just curious--I know that we also give our dogs dog food, why not give the "doggie" bags to those poor beggars and street kids begging near the restaurant, if you don't want to eat the left-over yourself? Just asking.
     Anyway, what I'd like to discuss here is the left-over food after your meals or after a party in your home. I have a friend who could whip up a great meal from the left-overs and from whatever is in your fridge. Do you have left-over roast chicken? She could make a great chicken salad out of it if you have the mayo, the celery sticks, white onions, and if you have apples, she'd put that too. Or, she could make a hearty macaroni soup with that, too. If you have left-over steaks, she'd whip up stir-fry veggies in olive oil with it or make great "salpicao" (a Spanish dish with cubed steaks sauteed in chopped garlic and olive oil) pasta. She could also make great baked macaroni into left-over corned beef and turn sardines into a great pasta sauce. However, I think you cannot whip up something else from left-over Chinese food. What I do is cook something else Chinese to accompany the heated left-over Chinese food so that my husband can eat it again. With my almost expiring bread, I could also make into bread pudding for snacks and dessert.
     Well, I know many good housewives can whip up magically something great from left-over food. Always remember that you need to do something with that left-over food  as soon as possible until the very next day so it won't spoil. Always transfer left-overs from the "doggie" bag into separate food containers and put them in the fridge the minute you get home. 
      I found this photo in Photobucket, village kids scavenging for left-over food at a village wedding.

     But, if you and your family are not into eating left-over food and you're in the Philippines, don't just throw them away to rot and become compost; give them to the hungry, the needy and to the "basurero" (garbage truck people). Or simply, don't cook beyond what you need so as not to waste food. But again, if you are generous and kind, you could cook more and give these people a taste of your great home-cooked meal. And what a blessing you will be!


Mylene said...

I am one of the needy mommy Carmen so we always take home the left-over from the restaurant, LOL. But if along the way someone beg for money, I give the take home food rather than money. I don't leave the left-over in the restaurant table because I am sure they will just be thrown to the black bags.

Dhemz said...

I always take home left-overs....masarap kasi kainin the day after...ehehehe! even at home if we have leftovers I recycle it lalo na pag meat....sayang kasi....there are many people around the world na namamatay sa gutom...we are just lucky enough to have all the needs we want....very nice post te...:) TGIF po!

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