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Issues of Life: What Do We Do If our Child Reveals He/She is Gay?

What Do We Do If Our Child Reveals He/She is Gay?

     'Gay' is a word that used to mean joyfully happy, according to All About World View web page. The very idea of gay men appointed in church used to be treated with shock and alarm. But, according to the said web post, today, numbers of people who claim to love Jesus while living in homosexuality are growing. Today's trend to accept all lifestyles and behaviors as okay is not okay with God (Lev. 18:22, Rom 1:26-27 and 1Cor 6:9). Homosexuality is not a 'greater' sin than any other because all sin are offensive to God. 

     The photo attached to this blog post is the 2005 Gay Pride March in Bucharest, courtesy of Wikipedia. The Gay Pride marches are all over the world including here in the Philippines where they had what they called 'The Pride March 2009' last December 5, 2009, pictures of which I cannot attach due to copyrights. These marches consist of different gay organizations in the country and aim to show the world that they are not ashamed of their lifestyles and actually are demanding and advocating certain gay rights to the government and lawmakers.

     And so, what do we do as Christian parents if our child reveals he or she is gay? The Human Harmony Project website tells of a story of a conservative Christian woman whose 14-year old daughter had come out as a lesbian and she told her daughter, "After you get fixed you can come home again". A year later, the daughter was found dead hanging in her own closet; it was a suicide.

     The web page went on to write about Pastor Jerry Falwell's talk to Christian parents of gay teens. He said, "I was asked once what I would do if my son came to me and told me he was gay. I would tell him, "I love you. Though I believe it's a sin but this is your family. This is your bedroom. It is now and forever your home and I will always be your father and best friend".

     Addressing Christian parents, he said, "If your child confessed to you that he was gay, I'm sure every thing inside you and in your world has turned inside out. Probably you're feeling a deep sense of betrayal. But if you're not careful, you could end up committing what will be the worst betrayal of your life".

     "I cannot think of a more devastating thing to put your child through than excommunicating him from the family, no matter what they've done". The Pastor added that no one else can do the job of pouring life into a child and fill him with all the love you can muster, even if he is gay. He also mentioned that the father never rejected the prodigal son and therefore, whatever our convictions about homosexuality is, abandoning, hating, or rejecting our child is not going to save him but rather tear him to pieces. 

     "Now that you know, do you still want to parent him?, He asked the Christian parents. "Do you want him to talk to you and ask your advice or do you want him to get it somewhere else? Christian parents, my encouragement to you is this: whether you child is gay, or disavows his belief in God, shaves his head and changes his name to 'Moon Child', he deserves better than we have given. Live up to your most sacred calling--that of parenthood".

     Pastor Jerry Falwell, an American evangelical pastor and founder of Thomas Road Baptist Church, has indeed opened my eyes with regard to this controversial topic. I do believe that we should 'hate the sin and not the sinner'. No matter how this sin dangles itself in our face, "no weapon formed against us shall prosper", indeed and as we condemn it and pray for our child, "nothing is impossible to our God". And we still continue to love our children and train them in the way they should go.

     Next Issues of Life post, I will be featuring two testimonials of a former gay and a former lesbian who turned to the Lord and how they got out of gay life. 


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