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Good Housekeeping: Cinema in Your Home

Cinema in Your Home

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      My husband is a contractor but he started out in construction by designing and building home theater rooms first before he ventured into building houses and structures. As I already mentioned, he is an audiophile and I believe, it was God, Himself, who gave him the idea to design and build home theaters.
     I'm sure you have watched a movie in the cinema house and enjoyed the thundering sounds coming from the large woofers whenever there are sound effects in the scenes of action films or suspense films, hearing the roar of helicopters coming from your back, even other sounds from your left and right, the  yelling  and conversations of actors to one another from your front and center--sounds seemingly everywhere that enhances the excitement in watching the movie. These are all done through the use of high-end audio equipments which we call surround speakers, although the ones in cinemas are super large ones.

      Yes, my husband has built many little cinemas in homes--in Ayala Alabang, in Green Meadows, in Corinthian Gardens, in posh villages where houses are sooo big and the owners are sooo wealthy, they want their own private cinemas. Usually his designs are patterned after the interiors of the house although many clients prefer the design to be different because the room is almost always closed. The ideal home theater room is a rectangular room with no windows but he uses acoustic panels and curtains to isolate the sound from the outside and to avoid high-pitch resonance when the sound bounces on to glass window panels. The walls are treated and covered with wood or acoustic fabrics to match the room's design.  My husband recommends good home theater seats for the avid cinema fan but he also recommends comfortable sofas (usually leather) and lazy boy chairs. Anyway, what's really important is the audio equipments and the monitor--either a plasma t.v. or white screen with a projector. Surround speakers are placed strategically --front left and right, center, rear left and right, back rear left and right, and a subwoofer. This is what they call the 7.1 surround sound system. There are many kinds of systems that you can opt for from the medium to the high-end range which gives you the idea that their prices are also from medium to high-end. And so, even if your home and your budget are not sooo big, you can also put surround sound system in your living room or any room, with your t.v. as your monitor. You can enjoy cinema-quality sound while watching your favorite DVD movie. The best thing about it is that you and your entire family can spend time together and relax and enjoy right in your own home.

     Home theaters have become the family room of many homes where a lot of pop-corns have been shared. They are usually the special room that the owners show their guests, a room that creates great conversations. For cinema and surround sound lovers, these home theaters have become their haven--a home inside their home.  



Alicia said...

I would love to have our own home cinema!! I would never want to!

Carmen Araneta said...

Hi Alicia,

Thanks for your comment.

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