Sunday, March 28, 2010

Everything Under the Sun: Shopping at

Shopping at

      I've recently joined the Amazon Associates program, as many bloggers have, recently, I suppose. After joining the program, I browsed into the various departments that offers and I found out that they have almost everything that you may ever need. Their departments include Books; Movies, Music and Games; Digital Downloads; Kindle, Amazon's wireless reading device; Computers and Office; Home and Garden; Grocery, Health and Beauty; Toys, Kids and Baby; Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry; Sports and Outdoors;  and Tools, Auto and Industrial. Below these departments are sub-departments. Here's one department you may be interested in, Home and Garden. Under Home and Garden, they have Kitchen and Dining; Furniture and Decor; Bedding and Bath; Home Appliances; Vacuum and Storage; Home Improvement; Patio, Lawn and Garden; Pet Supplies; and Sewing, Craft and Hobby. In the Kitchen and Dining sub-department, you find small appliances, cookwares, dinnerwares, tablewares, kitchen tools and gadgets, kitchen furniture, kitchen and table linens, etc. You can just imagine what's more in store under those other departments. is truly an online department store.

     What interests me now is the Kindle department. This is actually the first time I've heard of wireless reading device and that is what Kindle is. It is very light and thin and holds up to 1,500 books which you download after purchasing it from the Kindle book library of Books are delivered to you wirelessly in about 60 seconds. You don't need wi-fi or any connections because Kindle has 3G wireless coverage using GSM technology. What's more? You can use the Kindle wireless reading device here in the Philippines as well.

     So, what are you waiting for. Shop now!!


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