Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Food and Health: Exercise for Pregnant Women

Exercise for Pregnant Women

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     The last time I was pregnant was 22 years ago but I still remember how hard it was to carry a baby for nine long months. Because I was already 30 at that time, my OB advised me that I should do some form of exercise. So I walked with my husband regularly especially during the last trimester. In spite of that, I went into labor for more than 12 hours before my baby was born through natural child birth.

     According to About.com (http://pregnancy.about.com), the benefits of exercise during pregnancy are : fewer pregnancy complaints like backaches and constipation, less likely to gain excess weight, decreased risk for gestational diabetes, easier labor, faster recovery from birth, the baby will tend to be leaner and calmer. Further, the page also said that the guidelines of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that women should do 30 minute of moderate activity most days of the week. This means that pregnant women should be active and not just sit around and eat and eat all day. Each pregnancy is different from another; some pregnant women can do prenatal aerobic exercises, some can just do walking or stretching. You can do 10-15 minute moderate exercise, rest, and do another 10-15 minute exercise after an hour or so. What is important is you get to move. As you eat for both you and your baby, you also exercise for both you and your baby.

    But, here are the warning signs that the About.com also added in their article. Stop immediately your exercise if you experience the following: dizziness, faintness, headaches, shortness of breath, uterine contractions, vaginal bleeding or fluid leaking, and heart palpitations.
     I also came across a pregnancy exercise video on You Tube wherein the exercise instructor said that pregnant women should not lie on their backs when exercising after the first trimester. Well, here's another You Tube moderate exercise you, pregnant ladies, out there can do. 


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