Thursday, March 18, 2010

Issues of Life: Virginity, Saving it for Marriage

Virginity, Saving it For Marriage

    In the '70's, the time of the 'hippies, they had what they called 'free sex' because they were mostly stoned and didn't care about their health. I believe this was the era that started all the commotion about liberty in doing whatever they wanted to do: women's liberation, demonstrations against government policies, rebellion against the state, rise of communism, freedom of speech rallies, etc., etc. Yes, including premarital sex and orgies. This era also gave rise to much sexually-transmitted diseases and other diseases which they never knew before.

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     In today's generation, although we know about aids, hepatitis b, c, d up to f, and other diseases transmitted sexually or through the blood, teenagers and even adults still engage in premarital and extra marital sex. There are even movies about sexually-transmitted diseases in schools based on true stories. As these are rampant in the West, we also have them here in our country. Have you heard about that woman from the U.S. who wanted to sell her virginity for a price? This was big news then because virgins are very rare 'commodities' in the U.S.

    Virginity before marriage is a great issue especially those in the world. Most men think that if you love him, you must be able to give all to him including your hymen. And most women think that they should be able to choose whether they could express their love to a man through sex and that they also have a right to know if the man can satisfy them in bed or not. True, to stay a virgin is a choice, both for the man and the woman. But those who save their virginity for marriage have a greater and much more spiritual reason-- to keep himself or herself 'whole' (unbroken) and 'untouched'  for the woman or man whom God has prepared for him/her until they become 'one' in covenant with God.

     I was blessed to have known a Christian couple, both virgins, before they got married. They said they dedicate their virginity to God and to one another. Now, they have a kid and are happily married. They explored one another's innocence and with God's help, learned from one another the sanctity of sex in marriage.


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Carmen, thank you very much for the warm comment, and for coming by my blog. You have a very nice blog here, I will be returning.

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Thank you, too, Jodi, for dropping by. God Bless.

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