Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Housekeeping: The Modern-Baroque Style

The Modern-Baroque Style

 Welcome! The Entry Hallway

     When my husband and I visited again my step-daughter's home in Green Meadows, I was able to take some photos which I would like to share with you. Her husband is an architect but both of them chose the style and interior design of their home--Modern-Baroque style. 

     From the outside, the home looks so modern and simple. But when you go inside, the home is a mixture of old and new, elaborate and simple, magnificent and laid-back. The sofa design is modern and massive in plain off-white upholstery, but accented with large throw pillows with intricately-printed, shimmery-brown satin case, the same fabric of which was also applied on the huge ottoman as part of the living room set. Simplified Louis XIV  chairs accent the sides of a red baroque-style console table at the entry hallway. Touches of baroque style here and there, including the ceiling, accentuates the plain white walls and drapes. 

     What is baroque anyway? According to http://www/, 'baroque' means curious, odd, or strange. The term 'baroque' was initially used with a derogatory meaning, to underline the excess of its emphasis, of its eccentric redundancy, its noisy abundance of details. Baroque furniture was first introduced in the reign of Louis XIV of France, according to the web The designer emulated the power and opulence of the king in his style. If you have been to the Louvre Museum and Palace of Versailles, you would note the intricate baroque style in their architecture, furniture, and interior. Baroque style automatically demands attention, a sense of power and elegance, a style which the famous Versace also used in some of his furniture pieces which I've seen in some posh houses in Alabang and Makati.  


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