Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good Housekeeping: Handy Ice Chests and Coolers for Home and Picnics

Handy Ice Chests and Coolers for Home and Picnics

     We almost always never consider the importance of these ice coolers and chests until we buy them for our home or when we go to the beach or go out of town. When we have parties at home, we need them to put lots of ice to keep our beverages cold to serve our guests. When we go to the seafood market, we put ice in it so we can bring home our seafood and keep them fresh. Going to the beach or to outdoor picnics, the handy coolers serve us again, carrying our beverages and ice, also our salads and other food that needs cooling. If we go on work-out or other sports activities, we bring the smaller cooler which hold our water and ice to keep us hydrated. For the more business-minded housewives who are just starting to sell soft drinks and ice in their small sari-sari store in her garage, the big ice chests become very handy. And while they don't do the job of cooling, they become storage bins for various things, like dish towels and table cloths, for our homes. These cool coolers have become a necessity for the home.

      Ice chests and coolers come in various colors, sizes, and made of different materials. The very popular brand is the Coleman, but there are many other brands nowadays which are comparable. They are sturdy and made of hard plastic and are insulated and can keep ice solid for longer periods of time. But they are expensive. Many use the styropore coolers because they are light and are inexpensive. Another kind is the one made of wet-proof canvas which looks like a bag but when you look inside, it is insulated with another material which soft plastic (see photo above, the green bag cooler). In Australia, these canvas ice coolers are called "eskies", short for "eskimos", and are usually used with only two frozen gel substance in plastic bags or containers the size of a medium notebook, as substitute for ice. This frozen gel substance melts real slowly making the food or beverage still frozen cold even on long flights. 
    Well, in these summer months, these handy coolers do much work for us. A good housekeeper or wife and mother would know the value of these to her home and family.


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