Friday, April 23, 2010

Issues of Life: Who To Turn To In Times of Financial Lack

Who to Turn To in Times of Financial Lack

This photo from photobucket is to describe how it looks when you have financial problems.

      My husband and I went through a season of financial lack after the Asian financial crisis in 1997 affected our business and folded down in 1998. Stacked with debt left and right, with no income, no job, we didn't know who to turn to and what to do. In 1999, we received the Lord as our Savior and found the One we can turn to. But the salvation of our finances did not happen all at once; it took three years for our finances to build up again. 

     Amazingly, through those three years, we were able to send our daughter to school, to pay our basic bills, have food on our table and even go to church and serve the Lord in ministry, and for these we have been very thankful to Him. We had to forgo of our old lifestyle of dining out, partying, and having a good time. We let go of our jewelries and valuable items to sell, even our cars, but we knew that these were means for us to live that temporary life. We had to tighten our belt in order to extend the money that we had on hand. As we continued to trust in the Lord that He will lift us up from that dry spell, blessings kept coming--my husband was able to have projects here and there and became temporarily involved in companies in their marketing departments, our Christian brothers and sisters came to our home bringing sacks of rice or bags of groceries, and some of our relatives here and abroad were also able to help us financially. In short, God used people to help us in those trying times. After staying in faith and declaring the Word of God throughout those three years, our finances started to build up as He provided a business for us, together with the anointing. I remember writing about my husband, that he started out in construction by designing and building home theaters and that he is now a contractor. We never even imagined that he would go into this business because in our previous life, he was an advertising executive who never knew how to use a hammer. Who else but God could have given him the opportunity and the talent and wisdom to be able to do what he is doing now.

    This is the testimony of my family and we always share this to those who are experiencing the same struggle that we experienced so that they could turn to the Ultimate Helper and not just trust in their own abilities and abilities of other people. Had we turned to getting another debt, we would be stuck in debt forever. But He knows what to do. As you trust in Him, He will not only lead you to the salvation of your finances but also to the salvation of your soul. 

    Perhaps this is a deviation from the intended objectivity of my blogs, but I know someone will be blessed by this post and I thank God for it.



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