Thursday, April 8, 2010

Issues of Life: The Root of Distrust--Lies

The Root of Distrust--Lies

     Have you ever noticed that when your five-year old suddenly break your favorite vase, he immediately denies it and tells a lie? It is because we are born sinners and naturally know how to lie, attributed to our fore-parents, Adam and Eve. However, as parents, we can teach our children that lying is bad and to tell the truth is good. I believe that it is every parent's desire that their children grow up to be good, to be trustworthy, to have integrity,  to be polite and not rude, to love and not hate, to be good Christians to many. That is why we teach and train our children these attributes through the very lives we live. 

    As adults, the way we were brought up determines the way we live and the way we handle relationships. Trust is the essence that binds a relationship; it is the confidence that we put to one another. If it is betrayed, how painful it is for the one who stays true and faithful. Mostly, lies are the roots of distrust. Lie is the opposite of truth; when truth is perverted or hidden, there is a betrayal of trust. Wikipedia defines "lies" as a type of deception in the form of untruthful statement, especially with the intention to deceive others, often with the further intention to maintain a secret reputation, protect someone's feelings or to avoid a punishment for repercussion for one's actions.  Have you been deceived by your husband or wife? Have any of your children lied to you about  their  grades in school? Has your brother or sister deceived you about money matters? No matter the reason for the lie, it is still a sin to all Christians. Although it doesn't mean that it is unforgivable, that they cannot repent and start over, but when someone close to you lies, you'd think twice before trusting them again. It is often not so much a weighty matter to the one who lied, but to the one lied to, the question becomes "Why? What have I done to deserve such deception, such pain?" So, what then should be done after such betrayal? Yes, forgiveness is a must, but I believe that as we continue to trust God who knows all things, He will guide us into all truth, into His love and peace which surpass all understanding, into loving the unlovable, into trusting again with wisdom. The truth shall set us free!


nuts said...

thanks for sharing this quality post for us.. a must to read!

onlinemommy said...

Amen for this! A great post about truth.

I also believe that a child is born with sinful nature and must train to leave this sinful by having a personal relationship with God :)

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