Monday, May 10, 2010

Everthing Under the Sun: Italian Food at "Amici"

Italian Food at "Amici"

     My husband found "Amici" about 2 years ago at Don Bosco Makati along Pasay Road (now Arnaiz Avenue) and we loved to eat there once in a while. "Amici"which means 'friends' in English, was a restaurant run by Italian monks who reside and serve at the Don Bosco church and school in Makati. The restaurant  was informal and basically self-service: you get a zeroxed pizza menu and a zeroxed pasta menu at your table where you should choose your food. They had several sections: pasta section, pizza together with beverage which are family-size soft drinks with the gelato (ice-cream) section, bread and other desserts section, a canteen-like section with viands for the day, and a section where you get your glasses, ice, and your spoon and fork. They had three cashiers: one in the pasta section, one in the pizza and gelato section, and another one in the bread and other desserts section. If you want pasta, you had to order and pay at the pasta cashier and if you want pizza and desserts, you could order at the two other cashiers there. Whew! Well, all the hassles were always worth it; the food there was oh so delicious especially the gelato--so creamy, so good.

      But I believe, last year, a food company bought the restaurant, rights and all, and I heard they branched out in Tomas Morato in Quezon City. And recently, we saw an Amici branch in Alabang Town Center which is nearer our home. Wow, we got so excited seeing the name of the restaurant and, of course, we scheduled our family dinner there last Saturday. Well, the restaurant looked better than that in Don Bosco and they have nice menus with photos. However, they carried the same style of service to the disadvantage of some because there are some who take too long to choose their food talking to the cashier who recommends like a waiter, while there is a long queue behind waiting to order also. And since they only have two cashiers the problem worsens. 

This is one of the pastas we ordered--Spinach fusilli with Italian sausage and tomato sauce.

 Pizza with proscuitto and mushrooms

 Pizza with artichokes, mushrooms, olives and ham

Of course, the Gelato corner

     But of course we were patient enough to order and finally got seated. The food was delicious but not as good as the former 'Amici'. I also found that the gelato was not as creamy as before because there is a distinct difference in the consistency of the ice-cream. But the pizza was the same. Well, overall, our dinner there was good enough-- meaning, we could come back if we crave for Italian pasta and pizza because the price was not at all bad.


charmie said...

i love italian pizza ate.. hehehe!!!

Pearl said...

I normally go to their branch in SM Megamall, and so far, I love their pizza and gelato... probably because I have nothing to compare them with because I didn't get to taste the food in the former Amici.

Carmen Araneta said...

Hi Pearl, I'm not able to access your profile. Anyways, I didn't know they have a branch in Megamall. That's good news. Thanks for dropping by.

Dhemz said...

oh golly...kakatakam naman ng yummy!

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