Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Food and Health: Worry is Unhealthy!

Worry is Unhealthy!

     As a housewife and mother, sometimes we cannot help but worry about our family--why is hubby running late, what is my son up to, what happens now with our finances when business is down, what shall we eat for dinner, etc., etc. Every day, we worry about something whether big or small and is said to be a natural thing for all. But when it becomes a way of life, worry becomes a serious problem.
     Wikipedia says that worry is a state of engaging in chains of thoughts and images of a negative and uncontrollable nature in which mental attempts are made to avoid anticipated potential threats. Worry is actually fear of the unknown and experienced with anxiety. When a person gets agitated about something that comes from imaginations of what might go wrong, these emotional and mental activities cause physiological symptoms in our body such as sweating, increased heart beat and raised blood pressure. These anxieties cause muscle aches and pains, stomach upset and raised acidity, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating and trouble in sleeping. If worry becomes a life style, insomnia may set in and other symptoms may worsen--one becomes irritable and edgy or becomes emotionally depleted and depressed. 
     I experienced being with a friend who gets agitated very easily. She would worry about simple things like what to wear to a party, how to pack her suitcase, which route is easier to go to a place. She would pace the room back and forth and would stamp her feet on the floor like a bratty child with temper tantrums. And then, her face would turn red as her blood pressure would rise and we would have to take her to the doctor. 
     How do you treat worry and anxiety? Is it through medicine? Perhaps. Some people who have anxiety and panic attacks are given certain medications to calm them or sedate them. But, to me, it is more of a psychological and a spiritual disorder and therefore should be treated psychologically and spiritually. Well, worry is also something else, spiritually, and that we will discuss in our Issues of Life section.


charmie said...

I agree Ate, Some people go to psychologist to release what they feel. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Vernz said...

agree, but having children sometimes you can't help it ... thanks carmen for dropping by...

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