Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Housekeeping: Removing Clutter From Your Home

Removing Clutter From Your Home

     The modern homes of today use the 'minimalist' style, one that employs simple line and shapes with less and less furniture but with huge simple storage spaces to keep the clutter within so that it looks clean and tailored. But sometimes, even if we have huge storage bins and cabinets, we still find clutter in our homes as we accumulate them throughout the years. The thing is, we tend to buy and buy new things but we don't have the heart to throw away or remove the old things we have until we find that we don't have any more place to put them.

     Clutter consists of many things--clothes, women's accessories, magazines, newspaper and any kind of paper, old appliances, old computers, and other electronic equipments, old furniture, exercise equipments, nick-knacks, even food or grocery items, and many more. If we love to shop and we want new things in our home, we need to be cautious that these won't accumulate and turn our home into a huge trash bin. There are many ways that we can remove and prevent clutter.  

    1) For clothes and women's accessories, you can give them as hand-me-downs to relatives and friends or give them away as relief items whenever there is a calamity somewhere. You can also sell them on a 'garage sale' in your own home together with your old appliances and old furniture.
    2) For computers and electronic equipments, you can sell them or trade them in at an electronic shop which buys them for their still-useful parts. 
    3) You can recycle papers by using the clean back side to write on and after that you can sell them to the "kalakal" guys (usually men or women in pedicabs who buy junk) together with your old newspapers, magazines and bottles and jars.
    4) For old VHS and beta tapes, I believe that you can still sell them or even give them to shops that rent out or sell DVDs and old taped movies. But basically, you can just throw them away in the trash bins. 
     5) Can you imagine that some have food as clutter in their kitchen? Why? Because some housewives buy excessive food each week probably because they are afraid of running out. Too many boxes of cereals, so much canned goods, so much cold cuts, too much sodas, etc., which end up becoming spoiled or expired when opened all at the same time. The key is having a weekly menu or making a list after checking your fridge and pantry before going to the grocery store. Another important thing is to educate our kids about how to avoid wastage of food. Remember that there are people who starve in very own backyard.
     6) There are many bins and boxes available out there to store all your things neatly.

     One good thing that we can also do to prevent clutter in our home is not to be a compulsive shopper and buy only the things that we actually need and will actually use.


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