Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Women Drivers' Dilemma--Car Trouble

Women Drivers' Dilemma---Car Trouble

     I learned how to drive more than twenty years ago using a stick-shift (manual transmission) car, if I still remember right, a Gemini car. Nowadays, I drive automatic transmission cars because they're much easier to drive especially when there's too much traffic. I believe automatic cars are easier to drive especially for women. Although, they are much more expensive than stick-shift, there are second-hand automatic transmission cars for sale out there in the net, in newspapers and buy and sell magazines which are in good condition. Here are those which I found under 'Used Cars, Philippines' in the internet-- Honda Accord, Civic and CRV, Ford Escape, Everest, and Focus, Isuzu Crosswind, Nissan Serena Van for families, Chrysler Grand Caravan, etc. Prices range from Php139,000 to Php685,000 and some even want to swap for certain cars. 
     Okay, now you have a stylish and easy-to-drive car, but then what happens to a woman driver who gets car trouble in the middle of the highway? Oh, my! It happened to me once coming from Makati when my tire blew as it hit something spiky in the street and of course, I was in business attire, in skirts. So how could I possibly change tires just like that? Good thing, I was near a vulcanizing shop and they did everything for me. Well, this is a car trouble that sometimes cannot be avoided. But we can prevent other car troubles by simply having the regular check-up. For automatic transmission cars, you need to check regularly your oil and automatic transmission fluid and have your timing belt, fan belt, water pump, etc. checked by accredited auto repair shops or 'casa'. Together with these, one more thing you have to have regularly checked is your brakes or brake pads. Why? Because with automatic transmissions, the tendency is to use the brakes more often and drivers tend to step on it far too long, especially going down a steep road. But the technique in driving an automatic car down a steep road is to alternately use the 'Low' gear and the brakes until you reach the flat surface. When stepped on for long periods, the brakes tend to heat up and the brake pads tend to wear off or fade.
     Learning how to take care of your car and learning the techniques of driving safely and wisely prevent car troubles. When  my family and I go to Baguio City, we have to have the car checked before we go, even the brakes. When you live in a mountainous or hilly area, you have to take the necessary precautions so you won't end up in the middle of the road with your car smoking hot, especially if you're a woman who drives alone. In the U.S., San Francisco is a California city which is hilly so that their roads are like a roller coasters. Since 99% of  the cars in the U.S. are automatic, I believe San Francisco auto repair shops are making good business there. My husband lived there for a while way in the 1980's and he also had a car there. He said that driving in San Francisco is like a roller coaster ride, only not as fast, otherwise you will be apprehended by the police or your car may bog down. 
    Well, driving is a wonderful thing for women because you can go anywhere you need to go without asking your husband or brother or friend to drive for you. But driving has responsibilities attached to it and we need to know them. 


Dhemz said...

wow 20 years ago....ako 5 years ago palang...ehehhehe! dito lang kasi ako sa US natuto mag pinas motor lang ang alam!

I prefer driving automatic than stick gosh, nakakalito yung manual....hehehhe!

Vernz said...

Wow, ako highway driver lang talaga ako hahahaha,pag papasok na sa maraming sasakyan baba na ako ... husband na ,,, but I do drive on emergencies.. i'm a dummy parking driver I hate it when I can't find and parking is so sikip... hahahah...

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