Monday, May 24, 2010

Everything Under the Sun: "Surrender", a Great Worship Song by Planetshakers

"Surrender", a Great Worship Song by Planetshakers

     When we receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, He comes and dwells within us through the Holy Spirit. Although we can never be perfect as Jesus, through His Word He is able to change us from glory to glory. Although, upon receiving Him, our problems do not go away in an instant, but now we can cast our burdens upon Him and He will give us rest. Whatever we need Jesus already shed his blood for so we can have the blessings of God in our life in this life time. All we need to do is surrender our life to Him, surrender all to Him, and all will be well with us. 

     Find inspiration to surrender all to Jesus through this worship song, "Surrender" by Planetshakers, from their album, "All For Love". We sing this song in our church and I sing it as well whenever I have my personal time of prayer and worship. What great love, indeed, that Jesus, has for us that He was willing to die for us so we can have all the blessings that the Father intended for us to have a perfect life. I always remember this and it always reminds me to give Him praise. I praise You, Jesus. 


charmie said...

visiting here Ate, wonderful insights and the music ..Have a blessed day..

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