Monday, June 7, 2010

Investing in Jewelry

Everything Under the Sun: Investing In Jewelry

     "Bling-blings", "Sparkles", "Rocks"-- these are some of the slang-y terms they use for  precious jewelries (gold or silver) with (precious or semi-precious) stones. Many women love them for their enhancing effect on their femininity, and some men use them to make a statement that they belong to the music and entertainment industry, or in the urban parts of the U.S., that they belong to a gang with the impression that they are drug pushers, or that, in the Philippines, they are from the Bureau of Customs. He, he.
     Well, jewelries are not only for aesthetic or impression purposes, they are also good investments. When my husband and I didn't have jobs and our business had gone bankrupt, we sold our jewelries and signature watches and we profited big from them. It made me realize that it's better to buy gold jewelries than investing in the bank which profits soooo very little.  In fact, with the just-previous stock market plummet in the U.S. and elsewhere, people started to invest in gold because when the dollar goes down, gold increases. Since 2004, gold values have been going up even until now. Gold stays steady, if not on the rise, and has been proven to be a good investment because if ever gold dropped, which is very rare, the companies that produce it will simply stop production so that the demand would grow which is almost instantly. It has been noted that the larger the carat, the more gold, and therefore, 24-carat gold (99.99%) is the safest investment, if you're not wearing it. But if you want to wear your investment, 14-carat gold is good because it contains more alloy, therefore, harder and much sturdier. An 18-carat gold jewelry has 75% gold and therefore, also a good investment and can also be worn. 

Expensive ring
     The "ooohs" and the "aaaahs" usually come when a woman shows off her diamond ring or necklace or earrings. Well, these "blings" are really eye-poppers especially when they're big. However, not all "big" stones are valuable because the stones' values are also dependent on cut, clarity and color by which they are graded or rated. However, to me, even how small your diamond is attached to your gold, it creates an added value to your jewelry. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, and some pearls, are considered "precious" stones, while the rest are called "semi-precious" ones.  
     Ah, but these days, especially in Manila, women couldn't wear their gold jewelries in the streets for fear of muggers and snatchers. So, they rely on the fancy costume jewelries that some of them make themselves to add elegance to their style, but devoid of fear of being mugged because they are really cheap. These costume jewelries have also provided income to many housewives and business-minded women and because of these, I will discuss this topic next time. For now, wear your precious jewels where it is safe because they, truly, are investments.



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and in fact, how can I wear , I have nothing to spend so I can wear ... hhahahah.... sana no, kaya drooling over Imelda's gazillion of name it all stones...

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