Friday, July 16, 2010

Words Make or Break Us

ISSUES OF LIFE: Words Make or Break Us

     Do you know that the fist may have great power to punch you down but the tongue has much greater power? Because the fist can hit you physically once or twice but the power of the tongue can affect your life--present and future.
     Our past were filled with futile languages and curses; those were the times when we were persuaded that it was fashionable to end a sentence with "P.I." (most Filipinos know that this is an abbreviation for a curse word which refers to mothers). We did not realize that the negative things that were happening in our life at that time were results of our grumbles, complaints,  criticisms, negative words, gossips and idle words which we have spoken into our life and our family's life over the years. That was why when we received Jesus into our life, our tongues were the first thing that the Holy Spirit dealt in us because to receive God's blessings, we needed to tame our tongue and speak the right words. God is ready and willing to bless us, but we tend to negate His blessings by speaking against it.
      The Bible says that God created us in His image. As God created the world through His command-- "Let there be light!"--we can also command things to happen in our life. Perhaps this is too much to chew on but it is the truth. The Bible also says that "Death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit". Therefore, whatever we speak or blurt out will come to pass in our life. If we declare negative things, we will also reap negative things; but if we speak positive things in our life, that we will also reap. Again, another Bible verse: "Whatever a man sows, so shall he reap".  It is also good to have a positive outlook, meaning the mind and the heart are involved because when you speak positive things, you have the deeper conviction and the faith that whatever you declare will come to pass.
     "Wala na kaming pag-asang makaahon sa kahirapan" (We have no more hope to get out of poverty)--this is a stereo-typed statement mostly spoken in Filipino soap operas and movies. Well, what about rags-to-riches stories of Lucio Tan, Henry Sy, Andrew Tan? I wonder what Lucio Tan was declaring while he was selling "taho" (sweetened tofu). in his younger years. Perhaps it was, "I am a millionaire" because today, he is. How about us, women? We can declare that our husbands are faithful and loving, our finances are always increasing and never decreasing, our children are in good health and are always safe, our relatives are self-sufficient, prosperous and not dependent on us, etc. 
     Our words shape our future so we need to start speaking what we want to happen in our life today.


Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Words truly have power and those who abuse them most never seem to realize the damage they inflict. We must lean on God's word. His is mighty, truthful, and hopeful.

imriz said...

some words are like lance that tears our heart out.

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