Monday, August 16, 2010

Symbolism in a Christian Wedding

EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN: Symbolism in  a Christian Wedding

  Podge and Joyce with Pastor Joey Rafael

     One of my friends in the Worship Ministry of our church invited me to the wedding of her only son, Podge, to his fiancee, Joyce, last Saturday, August 14, in San Pedro, Laguna. Since last year, the couple have been planning this wedding and it turned out great. This goes to show that you can have a proper and decent wedding on a budget if you plan ahead and know where to look. 

Photos above: table bouquet, the string   
quartet, the seated bridesmaids, the
wedding cake, the couple with the 
groom's parents
Photos this level: Of course, me and
my friends plus Luisa, the mother of the groom. Right photo, my friends with pastors from Nigeria and their friends.

     The wedding took place in a garden restaurant which truly caters for weddings and events. The set-up was great, even the table bouquets and the seating arrangements were in the table as you enter. Our associate pastor, Ptr. Joey Rafael officiated the wedding covenant and as he spoke, it reminded me to share the many symbolisms that we have in a Christian wedding--the exchange of rings, the unity candle, the Bible, the veil, the chord, and the coins. As I have posted this already many times past, a marriage is not a contract. It is a covenant between the unified couple and God. So, with this in mind, here are the symbolic meaning of the things that we use in a Christian wedding:

     1) The Bible  -- represents the Word of God which is Jesus, the manual of life which the couple should put their faith on to live their life as a family.
     2) The Unity Candle -- symbolizes the union of husband and wife as they chose to live together and grow together in Christ, who is the light of the world leading their way.
      3) The Veil -- placed on the groom's should and on the bride's head. This symbolizes the responsibility of this unity is place on the man's shoulder and the woman's submission to the leadership of her husband as Christ is the leader of the church.
     4) The Chords -- placed around the veiled groom and bride. This symbolizes, again, that the husband and wife are now one.
     5) The Coins -- a symbol of prosperity.
     6) The Exchanging of the Rings -- symbolizes eternal or unending love for one another

     One thing Ptr. Joey reminded Podge which I really like: "Remember, that your wife's place is beside you, not under your feet".


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