Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Right Way to Eat Fruits?

Food and Health: The Right Way to Eat Fruits?

     My husband and I love fruits; we eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, we eat them as dessert or after meals, the rationale behind is that fruit is better than sweet desserts. Of course! But somebody sent me an e-mail on the proper way of eating fruits with the reason behind it and so I had to dig up if it's true or not, and I think they're right.
    Remember that in the days of Adam and Eve, they were vegetarians--meaning, God gave them all the herbs and the fruit-bearing trees to tend for food and they were perfectly healthy, until they sinned and was cast off of the garden. God's design and purpose are always perfect for us but it is our choice to veer stay or veer away from it. Perhaps it was God's perfect design to feed them with fruits and herbs to remain healthy because God also designed fruits to have much nutritional value for the human body. 
     Many nutritionists recommend that we eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday to get the daily dose of required vitamins and minerals to strengthen our bodies so it can resist infections or ward off certain sickness or disease. However, it has been our habit to eat fruits after a meal or in combination with other foods. And so, this has become an eye-opener for me as the right way to eat fruits: We should eat fruits alone or not in combination with other foods. Why? Scientists have found out that fruits digest much faster than any other foods and once broken up, fruits decompose much faster. Fruits are also digested in the intestines, not in the mouth and stomach, and should not be held up in the stomach to await the digestion of other foods before being passed on their own digestive fields. For example, at breakfast, when we eat two slices of toast and then fruits, the toast prevents the fruit from going to the intestine to be digested because the toast needs to be digested first in the stomach. Now the digestive juices now touches the fruit and it starts to spoil, even before it goes to the intestine to digest. Therefore, by the time the fruit goes to the intestine, it is already useless--the vitamins and minerals already spoiled and no longer effective. This then creates gas and a tendency to burp, the stomach bloats and causes a sensation of heaviness. Makes sense? I believe so.
     According to Dr. Herbert Shelton in his web article, "Fruits by Herbert Shelton", a study on a group of fruitarians made by Prof. Joffa of the University of California, showed that the group were underweight and undersized but basically in fine health. They were fed fruits only combined with nuts which is rich in protein and fat. He said that the chief reason we cannot live on fruits is that they contain practically no protein. Therefore, a fruit diet is a protein-fast diet which is good for cleansing and removing toxic wastes in our body. He added that most accumulated wastes and poisons of the body are of protein nature. Furthermore, the article said that fruits are rich in levulose (fruit sugar) which is the choicest of all sugar because it is a form of starch that is readily or instantly absorbed and assimilated by the body. That is why when we drink fruit juices it immediately refreshes us when we're fatigued because the fruit sugar is turned immediately into carbohydrates giving us energy and vitality. 
     So, are we mandated to eat fruit alone and not in combination with other foods? No. It is our choice to make. But there's no harm in trying to eat fruits the right way. 



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